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Occupational Therapists are trained in mental health and the conditions that create resilience and dysfunction in well-being. They support people with depression, anxiety, trauma or lifestyle challenges that affect well-being. Our workshop is designed for wellness retreats, staff wellness and other groups who want to support their participants performing at their best.


In our engaging workshops, an OT Coach will lead groups of up to 100 participants to explore the facets of mental health and practice research-based techniques that support wellness. Choose from 1-hour up to full-day sessions that focus on:

  • Understanding the foundations of emotional and physical wellness and how this impacts daily function

  • Practicing evidence-based stress management techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere

Professor Lecturing on Stage

The OT Coach team have run workshops for teams ranging from 15 up to 200 people. We have presented to audiences of occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, emotional behavioural specialists, psychologists, teaching staff and parents. 


We offer a variety of workshops with content tailored to your team's needs:

  • Client coaching 

  • Regulation skills

  • Physical Health

  • Sensory and motor skill development

  • Environmental adaptations to enhance participation

  • Mental Health (mindfulness, yoga, art, growth mindset activities)

  • Conservation of Energy and Pain management

Supporting Caregivers

Supporting caregivers and family members of children who are experiencing challenges with mental or physical health, learning difficulties, sleep, self-care etc. Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of participants. Workshops can focus on topics such as Sensory Processing Challenges, Picky Eaters, Toileting, Communication, Motor skills (fine and gross motor), Self-regulation etc. 

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