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Adult Services

The OT Coach team are three experienced Occupational Therapists who have collectively provided 50 years of service to children, families and adults.

Services Offered

Purposeful Engagement

Helping adults engage and participate independently or with friends in activities at home, work and in the community.

Regulation Skills

Helping adults manage overwhelming emotions and environmental triggers so that they can return to work, leisure and household activities while also caring for their mental and physical well-being.

Social-Emotional Skills

Supporting adults in identifying their own thoughts and feelings, and developing skills to help when interacting with others.

Analysis of Life Skills

Learning to Pace, Prioritise and Plan your day following an illness. Setting attainable goals that are meaningful and bring joy to your day.

Self-Care Skills

Provision of adapted equipment and other strategies for dressing, toileting, washing, eating and more.

Managing self-care activities as it relates to a change in ability to due to injury, accident, disease or other illness

Assistive Technology

Providing recommendations and skill development for adults who are unable to access their social, work or home environment due to  physical, mental and other health challenges

Sensory Processing

Developing a tolerance for receiving sensory stimuli such as sounds, textures, taste, smell etc. Increasing a tolerance for sensory input will have a positive effect on dysregulation and emotional challenges.

Sleep Hygiene

Supporting sleep hygiene and the importance of sleep in optimal functioning. Providing suggestions and strategies for healthy routines, and restful sleep.

Vision Adaptations

Provide recommendations for adults who require access to their environmental safely following a change in visual perception or acuity.

Aromatherapy Oil

Our therapists are trained in:

  • Sensory Integration

  • Safe and Sound Protocol

  • Therapeutic use of art

  • Integrated Listening Therapy

  • Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Redesigning Occupation (ReDo) Group therapy

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