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Occupational Therapy Specializing in
Adult Wellness & Children's Development

Coaching adults and children on how to participate and engage optimally in everyday activities 



Analysis of Life Skills
Learn to prioritise, plan and pace your daily tasks and activities for optimal enjoyment and satisfaction.
Regulation Skills
Self-regulation is the ability to be READY to participate, engage, learn, take risks, play and care for oneself with satisfaction.
Social-Emotional Skills

Learn how physical and mental distress can impact your well-being and how to focus on a growth mindset to show up confidently for yourself and others.

Sleep Hygiene
Sleep is essential to well-being and optimal functioning. Receive a comprehensive sleep assessment with strategies to establish healthy routines, sleep hygiene and restorative sleep.
Sensory Processing

Often overwhelming sensory stimuli such as loud noise or strong scents can leave you feeling tired and / or irritable.  Learn strategies to manage these sensations and change how you respond to your daily activities.

My Occupational Therapy Coach (MyOTCoach) is a group of passionate Occupational Therapists based in Edmonton, Alberta. With professional experience ranging from 10 to more than 25 years, we support children, adults and families with their goals and vision.

Supports and services are provided to:

Adults who experience difficult returning to everyday activities following an accident, injury, illness:

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Sleep

  • Motor skills                                                                                                                              

  • Executive function (memory, concentration, problem solving etc)

  • Managing household activities

  • Managing work or leisure activities

  • Mental health challenges

  • Emotional and self-regulation

  • Anxiety

Children who experience developmental challenges due to diagnoses such as Autism,  Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Health Disorders, etc.

  • Understanding emotions and self-regulation (including anxiety and mental health)

  • Building independence in self-care (dressing, washing, eating, sleeping, toileting) 

  • Productivity skills (printing, reading, Initiating / completion of tasks, exams, organization)

  • Building sensory motor skills (gross motor, fine motor, visual motor integration, sensory processing - internal and external sensory experiences)

  • Enhancing social connection, engagement and participation

  • Developing leisure skills and more! 


My OT Coach 


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