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Personal Balance

Learn about the facets of personal balance and explore what balance looks like for you.

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Productivity

  • Family & Friends

  • Relaxation

  • Personal Growth


Stress Management

Learn about stress and resilience.

We will coach you through proven stress management techniques.

  • Stress and Resilience Strategies

  • Mind-Body Mindfulness 

  • 4-Step Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Art Techniques for Relaxation


Create Your OWn Plan

Create your own tailor-made plan using our provided resources. 

  • Personal Balance Plan

  • Take-Home Artwork

  • Stress Management Tool Resources

RRReset Workshop

When our life satisfaction is out of sync with daily activities, a life balance check-up can help. Whether you are a busy parent, enveloped in a career, retired or navigating a life change, this session is designed to fit your unique needs.

We will coach you in ways to explore your personal balance and lead you through proven strategies for relaxation and stress management. 


Renew, Reset and Restore Your Balance 
Workshops by request

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